USA-ICSID: Int. Arbitral Tribunal for $350 Mio = The last step !

ICSID Arbitration for $350Mio = Foreign Italien Real-Estate Investors (in Switzerland) v. Switzerland - A Viable Alternative. In the $1.50Billion ATS Trial with USSC No. 18-1414 Swiss Real Estate Investors sue 26x CH-Banks + EFV & FINMA for the same Constitutional SCAM 10.06.1989 (Voting 12.04.1988: 100+70% NO !).

The TREATY Database contains additional data on all agreements governed by Int. Law (Serbs, Germans, Austrians, Spaniards are waiting with $10 Trill. losses) in force for Switzerland (BITs), (5340) legally binding agreement and texts. The ICSID claim is already published worldwide !

ICSID Final Motion

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Fraud = 1989-1994

Decree 1989.pdf
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