USA-ICSID: Int. Arbitral Tribunal for $350 Mio = The next step !

ICSID Arbitration for $350Mio = Foreign Real-Estate Investors (living in Switzerland) v. Switzerland - A Viable Alternative. In the $1.50Billion ATS Trial with USSC No. 18-1414 Swiss Real Estate Investors sue 26x CH-Banks + EFV & FINMA for the same Constitutional SCAM 10.06.1989 (Voting 12.04.1988: 100+70% NO !).

The TREATY Database contains additional data on all agreements governed by int. la(Serbia) that are in force for Switzerland or that Switzerland signed (BITs), as well as information about major (5340) legally binding agreements and non-binding texts. FDFA Directorate of International Law (DIL).

ICSID Motion Draft

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Fraud = 1989-1994

Decree 1989.pdf
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