Rechtliche Hinweise / Legal Notice:


An order to Close the Proceedings (17. December 2021) is NOT an Arbitral Award. Therefore a Closed Case (ARB/20/29) although it cannot be reopened, has NOT been Finally Decided.


The corrupt Trio Infernale: 01. The Seychelles Public Notary Rene DURUP + 02. The employee at Hensley & Coock Airma MALVINA in the Seychelles + 03. Supreme Court employee Juliana ESTICOT Registar of Supreme Court of the Seychelles, has achieved absolutely nothing with this murder of Human Rights Defenders Inc. (IBC No. 188020). Because we can and will be able to file the lawsuit vs. Switzerland a 2nd time at the ICSID. But something has already been achieved = All the evidence for a corrupt Seychelles judiciary has been provided. This will be expensive for the Republic of the Seychelles. I will sue them all with 100% guarantee !


As such, it may be RESUBMITTED TO NEW ICSID ARBITRATION (ARB/22/13) = What Giuliano Stefano Giovanni PINOIA-WILDHABER will do with 100% GUARANTEE up January 2022. At the Frankfurt International Arbitration Center - FIAC - Germany = Official Partner since 2005 (Contracts) of the ICSID in the USA-Washington.

Germany Frankfurt am Main International Arbitration Center - FIAC:


Das International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), die Einrichtung der Weltbank zur Beilegung von internationalen Investitions-Streitigkeiten und die DIS (Deutsche Institution für Schiedsgerichtsbarkeit) haben im Jahre 2005 ein Kooperationsabkommen geschlossen.


Mit diesem Abkommen ist das FIAC gm. der ICSID-Konvention generell als möglicher Ort für die Durchführung von ICSID-Schiedsgerichts-Verfahren (nähere Informationen)anerkannt. Der ICSID befasst sich mit juristischen Auseinandersetzungen zwischen Staaten und ausländischen Investoren und eröffnet diesen die Möglichkeit, ihre Rechte direkt gegen einen Staat geltend zu machen. 


The International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes (ICSID), the World Bank's institution for the settlement of international investment disputes and the DIS concluded a cooperation agreement in 2005. Through this Agreement, FIAC is generally recognized under the US-Washington (Worldbank) ICSID Convention as a possible venue for conducting 100% the same ICSID Arbitration Proceedings. 


What is the Highest Court in Seychelles? = Not the Supreme Court !


The Highest Court of Law in Seychelles is the - Court of Appeal ! This is the Court of Final Appeal in the Country. It is presided over by a President and Justice of Appeal. 


The Counsel Director of this office, from Spain-Alicante, has been appointed liquidator of the commercial Human Rights Defenders Inc. by the Supreme Court of the Seychelles = Which is not the highest Court = The Appeal was and is still Pending 17.12.2021!


But this Int. Seychelles Criminal Plot et al with this four Legal Contract Killer's 01. Melchior VIDOT (SYC Judge) + 02. Rene DURUP (SYC Notary) + 03. Juliana ESTICOT (SYC Registrar) + 04. SYC APPELATION Court IN CORPORE blocked all since 12.02.2020 in the Seychelles (Case MC-0095-2020), so we refused to pay the US$ 125'000.00 ICSID-Fees. I WILL SUE 2022 the Republic of the Seychelles at the ICSID.


This was a "Fake Seychelles Liquidation SCAM" of the SYC Human Rights Defenders Inc. (IBC NO. 188020). And we do not pay for third people. See the self nominated Liquidator, because this case is still pending at the Apellation Court in the Seychelles.




16.-17. December 2021 = On behalf of the Claimant & Plaintiff, please see the one to one same Email correspondence of 14th December’s 2021 date, concerning documents have been in your files already for a long time ago (1x still pending SYC-Appeal + DHL Receive). We like to repeat again and again for Danilo et al (and also for the ICSID), who seems to be hard to understand, this very simple and even primitives facts below:


Again: When a case is pending, then no any party is allowed to proceed with the INTERIMS RESULT. The SYC Human Rights Defenders Inc. owes no money to anyone.


On the one hand, because we vehemently deny this. And on the other hand also because their is no a Final Judgment in the Seychelles. And if this Final Judgment say, that we have to pay US$ x.yy, we are free to pay. Then, only when we  dont pay, the company can be wind up (liquidated). But no one minute before ! 


If the Appelation Court in the Seychelles will have the opinion, what we dont hope, that we would owe money to somebody, then we can and we will easily and anyway pay for it. However, this does not entitle anyone to liquidate our SYC-HRDs Inc. company at the present time.


The Seychelles Judge Melchior VIDOT and the Seychelles Public Notary Rene DURUP both must be corrupted. Both are corrupted CRIMINALS. Greed is known to eat brains?! 


Therefore, depending on the outcome of these proceedings, I will sue 01. the Republic of Seychelles at ICSID for full (100%) compensation of all damages (SYC-HRDs Inc.). And 02. This funny Dr. Lukas Siegenthaler (Head of SECO Switzerland) et al (the Company Hensley & Cock) at the US-Fl Broward County Court under ATS/ATCA for 100% full compensation of all damages with their PRIVAT ASSETS (US-Fla-HRDs Inc.).


Calculation Basis: On Sept. 17, 2016 we sue the Swiss Confederation for 300,000,000.00 CHF + 5% interest p.a. (File Number 96102834). That's today CHF 390 Mio. Now calculated this CHF 300 Mio from the 06.10.1989 (damaging event), then the Swiss Confederation owes us today 1'312'790'000.00 CHF. Every day interests are running (5% per anno). Someone will pay.


III. Auswirkungen des Abbruchs - Effects of  Termination:     


Eine Anordnung zur Einstellung des Verfahrens ist kein Schiedsspruch. Daher ist ein eingestellter Fall, obwohl er nicht wieder aufgenommen werden kann, nicht rechtskräftig entschieden worden. Als solches kann es einem neuen ICSID-Schiedsverfahren erneut vorgelegt werden.17


An order to close the proceedings is not an arbitral award. Therefore, a closed case, although it cannot be reopened, has not been finally decided. As such, it may be resubmitted to new ICSID arbitration. 


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